Why Edgestart

Turnkey Setup

We offer an invaluable solution to businesses whether they are starting or planning their next step in their expansion. EdgeStart on behalf of its clients will negotiate and secure any of the following requirements:

  • Premises – Retail/Office;
  • Locations – (City centre, specific transport connections, airports proximity)
  • Staff requirements – level of seniority, skills (sales, research etc)
  • Consulting –  Legal and Accounts – Every business needs to be safeguarded from the very start.

EdgeStart can provide these services from the get go.

EdgeStart supplies an operational working environment within an agreeable time frame depending on the individual requirements and the specific location.  Usually, as a general rule we aim to provide you with an operational business structure within a 2 to 3 months period.

Protecting you while exporting abroad

When exporting we will make sure that all your rights are protected.  We will ensure that whenever contracting with foreign ‘buyers’ contracts are respected and followed to the letter.  We will, if so preferred, draft your sale agreements and advise you on the best methods of payments available in the market which in turn will help you save time and money.

Lower Overall Costs

In addition, by using EdgeStart the costs involved in whichever type of business structure you are planning to implement will be considerably reduced. We are in the position to offer you tailored competitive prices because we know the market extremely well. Our experience and our professional relationships allow us to operate in the marketplace at all levels.

Our fees are flexible and often the costs involved are very competitive.

Ready to work – time is money

When considering starting or expanding a business in a different region or a new country there are several unknown elements that might hinder the natural course of your business.

What if you were to tackle all the different elements of your business setup or expansion by yourself? Typical issues may vary but include:

  • Having to find an appropriate office in a new country, negotiate its lease
  • Recruiting and employing the necessary workforce or
  • Having to find the right partners to export abroad
  • Ensuring that the business structure is in compliance with local and legal legislation
  • Comprehending the language and cultural barriers

Perhaps you are considering employing different agents to arrange for each aspect of the set up: IT, Office, HR, Legal, negotiating with buyers, agents and distributors all around the world.

This will be very expensive and time consuming as you will find yourself spending a lot of time on the phone and not focusing on your business, which will compromise your ultimate business objective – that is to generate revenue.

Our promise is simple. EdgeStart will deliver what your business is looking for reflecting your business’ needs without you having to spend invaluable time and money in constantly making sure that everything is in place.